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Our Story

It as been several years since our family business committed itself with passion and dedication to the production of the typical regional desserts of Agira. Our strength lies in the use of carefully selected local ingredients perfectly combined and baked in a traditional stone oven, just like the one our grandparents used, resulting in specialty artisan desserts unlike any other.


Since December 2007 in the heart of Sicily, Bottega delle Cassatelle has been committed with dedication and professionalism to the production of typical Sicilian pastries. Created from fifty years of tradition, Bottega delle Cassatelle has been built on recipes and secrets; passed down through the women of our family, from mother to daughter, and now to the grandchildren who have collected and relaunched this great gastronomic heritage.

The attentive research and selection of the best local ingredients, the desire to satisfy the most demanding tastes, and the desire to defend and spread the rich local culinary heritage have always been the pillars of our company philosophy.



Bottega delle Cassatelle has over 50 years of tradition and history, with original recipes and tips having been passed down from generation to generation.


While staying true to its origins, Bottega delle Cassatelle constantly strives to improve its product selection; experimenting with new recipes and flavors to suit everyone’s taste.

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